Shoe upper Tapes

Shoe upper Tapes

The Fixon® range of tapes from ‘Intek’ are what lend character to great footwear. Although used primarily to retain shape, Fixon® Shoe upper tapes add body, control stretch, enhance flexibility, promote comfort and ensure durability of leather shoes. And by doing all this, the leather gets stronger, reliable and much more durable.

For the specialised and wide needs of the footwear industry FIXON® offers adhesive tapes on a variety of backing materials for applications in Topline, Back Seam, Eyelet and Vamp reinforcement for excellent durability and performance. FIXON® offers tape width ranging from 3 mm onwards.

While FIXON® tapes are mainly used for reinforcement, it also adds body, controls stretch, flexibility, shape retention, comfort and durability of the finished product.

Our products are environment friendly and free from Azodyes and PCP.

We are a member of SATRA.
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