Double Sided Tapes

Product Code


Backing Material Total Thickness (mm) Tensile Strength (kg/cm) Elongation (%) Adhesion to steel (gms/cm)
F-409 Hot Melt Rubber Tissue Paper 0.085 0.85 1 400
F-414 Solvent Acrylic Half Mil Polyester 0.085 1 60 400
F-430 Solvent Acrylic Half Mil Polyester Film 0.11 3 60 400
F-431 Hot melt Rubber 1 mil Polyester Film 0.10 3 60 400
F-444 Solvent  Acrylic Tissue Paper with Aggressive Adhesive, suitable for different types of leather. Can withstand high temperature 0.10 1.5 3 400
F-446 Bluish Repulpable Tissue Paper 0.08      
F-450 Rubber Cotton Cloth 0.30 6 10 250
F-457 Hot melt Rubber Economy grade Tissue paper 0.085 0.85 1 400
F-458 Solvent Acrylic Economy grade Tissue paper 0.09 0.5 5 400


Note : All statements, Technical Information and Recommendations are based on Test, we believe to be reliable and should not be taken to frame specifications. Before using the Tape the user shall determine the suitability of the product for his intended use.
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